Rewards Terms

Checkers & Rally’s Rewards
Terms and Conditions

December 21, 2020


Please read the full Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) below carefully. By becoming a Member of Checkers & Rally’s Rewards (the “Program”), you agree to these Terms.  Participation in the Program also is subject to the Terms of Use for Checkers Online Services and Checkers Privacy Policy.   If you do not agree, do not join.  Joining also requires creating a Checkers account in the Checkers Mobile App (“App”), or at (“Website”).  Accounts are free.  Checkers & Rally’s may be referred to as “Checkers” in these Terms.


The Program offers Members the opportunity to earn points on amounts they spend on qualifying purchases (a) via online order in the App or on the Website when logged into their account, and (b) at the time of purchase at participating Checkers restaurants (“Participating Restaurants”) by either (i) providing the phone number or account number associated with their Member account in the Program, or (ii) opening the App, selecting “Earn Rewards” and scanning the resulting bar code.  Additional earning opportunities also may be offered from time to time.  Points automatically convert to rewards in the form of value toward future purchases (“Digital Coupon Rewards”) when designated points thresholds are reached, all as described below.  Additional benefits and offers redeemable for Checkers products (“Product Rewards”) also may be available from time to time.  Digital Coupon Rewards and Product Rewards are collectively referred to herein as “Rewards.”


The Program is valid only in the U.S., and Points and Rewards only can be earned and redeemed at Participating Restaurants   Void where prohibited or restricted.   Checkers reserves the right to modify or terminate the Program at any time, including changing or terminating the number and type of benefits offered to Members in its sole discretion at any time.


Notice About Dispute Resolution:  Any disputes relating to the Program are subject to binding arbitration per the Checkers Terms of Use for Checkers Online Services.  See full details here


1.1. Free Enrollment

No purchase is necessary to enroll or participate in the Program.  The Program is intended for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited.


1.2. Eligibility

You must be age 13 years or older and a resident of the United States to become a Member.  Checkers employees are not eligible. Membership is limited to individuals only, and is limited to one account per individual.   Accounts are personal and cannot be sold, transferred or assigned to, or shared with friends, family, or others. By enrolling, you represent that you are at least age 13. Anyone between age thirteen (13) and eighteen (18) may only participate with the permission of his/her parent or a legal guardian. IF YOU ARE A PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN AND YOU PROVIDE YOUR CONSENT TO YOUR TEENAGER’S ACCESS TO AND USE OF THE CHECKERS ONLINE SERVICES, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS.


1.3. Becoming a Member

To become a Member of the Program, you first must create a Checkers account in the App or at the Website.  Accounts are free.  Existing Checkers email account holders will automatically be enrolled as Members in the Program, but must accept these Terms and create a Program password before becoming able to receive benefits of membership.  The Terms of Use for Checkers Online Services and Checkers Privacy Policy also apply.


1.4. Account Responsibility

Checkers is not responsible for use of a Member’s account or redemption of a Member’s points. It is the Member’s responsibility to manage unauthorized use or redemption of points by family, friends, or other individuals who might have access to the Member’s account.  In the event the Member’s account is stolen, and the account is used or the points are redeemed, the Member must inform Checkers and the account will go under investigation to determine what remedy, if any, may be available.  Members are responsible to keep their contact and other information current and accurate.  Checkers is not responsible for communications failures or other problems caused by out-of-date or inaccurate information furnished by a Member.


1.5. Communication Options & Preferences

Members may be asked from time to time to submit information about themselves to enable Checkers to verify eligibility and/or provide more personalized offers and experience.  All information submitted is subject to the Checkers Privacy Policy.  Checkers’ Program-related communications to Members may include email, push notifications, in-App messaging, and SMS text messaging; provided that separate consent will be sought from the Member prior to sending text messages.  To change communications preferences guests can log into their account via the website or Checkers App, go to account settings and adjust their communication preferences by opting in or out of email. Changes to push notification preferences must be made within the settings function of your smartphone.  NOTE:  If you opt-out from receiving commercial emails and offers from Checkers, you still will receive Program-related emails to notify you about points, Rewards and other benefits associated with your Program account.


1.6   Additional Benefits

Additional Member benefits, such as special promotions, offers or events, may be available from time to time. These benefits may require a completed profile and/or opt-in to push notifications, email, and/or location services to be eligible and/or receive notifications, all as explained in the terms of each such offer. Failure to enroll for such communications, to activate such features, or to have network connectivity, may result in your not receiving information about benefits.  Checkers is not responsible for any such failures. Be sure to review the full terms of any offer to make sure you understand any prerequisites to participate in that offer.  Some offers may be individualized by Member.


1.7.  Cancellation

(a)    By Member.  You may cancel your Program membership at any time by contacting us at You will be asked to submit a cancellation form which will ensure we have all of the necessary information to deactivate your account. Upon cancellation, any unused points and/or Rewards accrued in your account will be forfeited and cannot be redeemed.

(b)   By Checkers.  Checkers reserves the right to cancel any Member’s account at any time (i) if such Member violates these Terms, engages in fraudulent conduct, or otherwise abuses the Program as determined in Checkers sole discretion, or (ii) if the account has been inactive for a period of one year or more. “Inactive” means failing to make an eligible points-earning purchase for 12 consecutive months or more.

(c)    Effect of Termination.  If an account becomes terminated by either Checkers or the Member, all previously earned points and/or unused Rewards automatically terminate and become null and void.  Subsequent re-enrollment by the same Member will be at a zero-point balance, and the Member will not be eligible for a Welcome Benefit upon re-enrollment.  Checkers reserves the right to refuse re-enrollment to any terminated Member based on previous fraudulent, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate behavior as determined by Checkers in its discretion.


2.1. General

Members can earn points on the amounts they spend on qualifying purchases (a) via online order in the App or on the Website when logged into their account, and (b) during checkout at Participating Restaurants by either (i) providing the phone number or account number associated with their Member account in the Program, or (ii) opening the App, selecting “Earn Rewards” and scanning the resulting bar code. Points for any qualifying purchase can only be credited to one account.  No splitting of orders or points.


2.2. Basic Earning Rate

Members earn five (5) points for every US $1.00 spent on the purchase of qualifying products in qualifying transactions. Once a Member earns 400 points, the Member will earn a US $5.00 Digital Coupon Reward.


Points earned on each transaction will be by (a) multiplying the qualifying amount of the purchase (i.e., excluding discounts, taxes, gratuities, gift cards, and delivery orders ordered directly from third-party delivery services) by 5, then (b) rounding the resulting amount to the nearest whole number. For example, a $14.49 qualifying purchase amount will result in 72 points ($14.49 x 5 = 72.45, which rounds down to 72), while a $14.51 qualifying purchase will result in 73 points ($14.51 x 5 = 72.55, which rounds up to 73).    If the multiplication of the qualifying purchase amount by 5 yields a number of points exactly halfway between two whole numbers (i.e., it ends in .50), then the number of points will be rounded up for an odd number and down for an even number.  EXAMPLE:  73.50 points round will round up to 74, while 72.5 points will round down to 72.


2.3.  Exclusions.

Calculation of Points is based solely on the purchase price actually paid for menu items, after all discounts, and excluding amounts paid for tips, gratuities, delivery charges, gift cards, charitable donations, and taxes.  Points cannot be earned, and Rewards cannot be redeemed on purchases made through third-party delivery services, such as DoorDash, GrubHub, or UberEats, etc.    Checkers may exclude any menu items from counting as qualifying purchases by disclosing at the point of purchase that such items are excluded.   Purchases made by a Member prior to joining the Program generally are not eligible for Program credit, except for qualifying purchase(s) within the prior 72 hours where a “retro credit” code appears on the bottom of the purchase receipt and the Member follows the instructions in Section 2.8 below to submit that code within 72 hours after the purchase.


2.4. Timing of the Addition of Points to Accounts

Generally, points are automatically added to a Member’s Program account within seventy-two (72) hours (or sooner) after completion of the qualifying purchase, though a Member should allow up to two weeks for posting of points.  Account balances are visible via the Member’s Checkers account in the App or at the Website.


2.5. Cancellations/Refunds

If you cancel an order for which you earned points, or have such an order refunded, any points associated with that order will be deducted from your Program account. This can cause a Member to have a negative point balance if previously earned points were used in the interim to claim a Reward.


2.6. Bonus Point Promotions

From time to time, Checkers may run certain bonus point promotions. Under bonus point promotions, Members can earn additional or “bonus points” for completed actions and purchases. Bonus point promotions are subject to the terms and conditions of the offer, along with these Terms, and may be offered at any time in Checkers’ sole discretion.


2.7.  Other Ways to Earn Points 

Members may also earn points or Rewards by undertaking other activities such as using the App, following or interacting with Checkers on social media, subscribing to Checkers’ newsletter, or completing other tasks. Any such tasks will be described at the Website, in the App, or in a communication from Checkers. Points earned for these actions generally will be posted in the Member’s account within two weeks after completing the qualifying activity. Activities undertaken to earn or redeem Rewards do not count towards, and may not be combined with, activities described under other offers.



2.8.  Claiming Points After an In-Restaurant Purchase

If you forget or are unable to seek your points as a Member during checkout when making a qualifying purchase at a Participating Restaurants, you still may seek to claim points for that purchase, subject to the following requirements and limitations on such after-the-fact claims:

  • The points request can be submitted by following this process: visit, sign-in to your Program account, select claim rewards, and enter the 29 digit code found at the bottom of your printed purchase receipt from the restaurant
  • The request must be submitted within 72 hours after the purchase.  Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • Limit two (2) submissions per 72-hour period, and four (4) submissions per calendar month, per Member.
  • Each submission is limited to a maximum of 400 points, regardless of the amount of the purchase shown on the receipt.
  • Each submission must be submitted exactly as described above.  Checkers reserves the right to deny any claims not meeting all requirements.   Please allow up to 14 days for claims to be reviewed and processed.


2.9.  Points Disputes

If you believe that a purchase should have resulted in the addition of points to your account, and such points are not posted to your account within two weeks after the purchase (“Points Dispute”), please notify us immediately at We will use reasonable efforts to investigate your Points Dispute so long as you notify us of such dispute within ninety (90) days after the purchase. If you do not notify us within such ninety (90)-day period, you will have waived your right to make a Points Dispute with respect to that purchase. In order for us to undertake an investigation of your Points Dispute, we may require you to provide written confirmation of the dispute. If we do not receive the requested written confirmation at the address and within the time requested by us, we may in our sole discretion determine not to investigate your Points Dispute. Upon completion of our investigation of your Points Dispute, we will have no further responsibilities should you later reassert the same Points Dispute.


2.10.  Points Expiration

Points expire 365 days from the date of your last transaction. No credit or cash will be given for unused or expired points.




3.1. Conversion of Points into Digital Coupon Rewards

Once you have accumulated 400 points, a US $5.00 Digital Coupon Reward will automatically be loaded into your account.  Points are subtracted from your account immediately when a Digital Coupon Reward is generated and loaded into your account.  Your oldest available points will be subtracted first.  Points accumulated on different accounts of different Members may not be combined or aggregated to claim Digital Coupon Rewards.  The threshold for earning a Digital Coupon Reward is subject to change from time to time.


3.2. Redeeming a Digital Coupon Reward

To redeem a Digital Coupon Reward on a future purchase, you must either present the valid Digital Coupon Reward on the App at a Participating Restaurant when paying for your order (for in-person transactions), provide the phone number or account number associated with your account to the cashier at the time of purchase, or be logged into your Checkers account and follow the instructions to apply your Reward (for in-App or Website transactions).  You may redeem multiple Digital Coupon Rewards in the same transaction.  Any unused balance on any Digital Coupon Reward(s) you use in one transaction will remain in your account, subject to the same expiration date as the original Digital Coupon Reward.  Your oldest available Digital Coupon Rewards will be debited first.   You are responsible for applicable sales tax, which may vary based on the item(s) in your total order.  The value of the Digital Coupon Reward will be applied pro rata across all items in your order to calculate the applicable sales tax.


3.3. Redeeming Product Rewards

From time to time, Checkers in its discretion may issue Product Rewards on a basis other than points earned by a Member.  Product Rewards will be in the form of a digital coupon good for the value of a specific menu item. Product Rewards can be redeemed only when the designated menu item is actually available at the Participating Restaurant where you seek to redeem the Product Reward.  The value of the Product Reward is only for the basic item identified in the Reward.  You are responsible for the applicable cost, if any, for any customizations, additions, or changes you make to the basic item (such as extra cheese, extra tomatoes or extra pickles) when redeeming a Product Reward, including any sales tax applicable to such customizations, additions or changes. The value of the Product Reward will be deducted at the product level and you are responsible for any sales tax due on your entire order based on this calculation.


3.4. Expiration and Limitations of Rewards
A.  Rewards may only be redeemed at Participating Restaurants.


  1. Unless otherwise specified on the Reward, Digital Coupon Rewards expire 60 days after issuance. If you do not use a Digital Coupon Reward prior to its scheduled expiration, you will not be refunded the Points.
  2. C. All Product Rewards may include additional terms and conditions as well as expiration dates communicated in connection with the offer of such Rewards. Unless otherwise noted in the terms and conditions of a Product Reward, the Product Reward will expire 60 days from the day of the date of issue.



  1. Additional Program Benefits

4.1.  General

In addition to the opportunity to earn points and Digital Coupon Rewards based on purchases as described above, Checkers, in its sole discretion, may offer additional benefits from time to time (“Benefits”) as described below.   Benefits may be changed, added to, or removed from, the Program at any time without notice.


4.2. Welcome Reward Benefit

To receive a welcome reward benefit (“Welcome Reward”), you must become a Member of this Program . Eligible Members will be sent the Welcome Reward within 48 hours after first purchase, assuming all other conditions are satisfied. Welcome Rewards will typically be in the form of a Product Reward usable subject to these Terms. Without limiting any other provision of these Terms, any attempt by an individual to earn more than one Welcome Reward with multiple accounts, email addresses, identities or any other means is a prohibited form of fraud or abuse and grounds for exclusion from the Program.


4.3.  Birthday Reward Benefit

To receive an annual birthday reward benefit (“Birthday Reward”), you must (i) include your birthday and valid U.S. email address in your Checkers account information, (ii) not be opted out from receiving marketing communications from Checkers via email, and (iii) have at least one purchase shown in your account within the last twelve (12) months prior to your birthday month.  An account opened during your birthday month or the previous month will receive the Birthday Reward during your birthday month the following calendar year, assuming all other conditions are satisfied. Birthday Rewards will typically be in the form a Product Reward usable subject to these Terms.


4.4.  Exclusive Special Offers

In order to receive notice of exclusive special offers for Members, you must not be opted out from receiving marketing communications via email. Exclusive special offers are in Checkers’ sole discretion. Complete details will be sent to eligible Members. You remain eligible to participate in this benefit as long as you remain an active Member. This benefit has no cash value and is non-transferable. Other terms and limitations may apply and will be provided with the communication of each special offer.


4.5.  Promotional Offers

Checkers may, from time to time, post certain promotional offers to your account. Promotional offers will be subject to the terms and conditions of each respective promotional offer, including, without limitation, any minimum qualifying purchase requirements and/or applicable expiration dates.



5.1.  Modifications/Termination of Program or Terms
Checkers reserves the right to cancel, modify, or restrict any aspect of the Program at any time, including, without limitation, the earning rate, conversion rate, and expiration policy for all points and Rewards.  Notification of changes will be given in the App and at the Website.  Checkers may make these changes even though such changes may affect the Member’s ability to use points or Rewards already accumulated. You are responsible for remaining knowledgeable about the Program Terms.  Continued participation in the Program after any posted change(s) constitutes acceptance of the change(s).


5.2  Account Balances
Checkers reserves the right to determine the amount of points and the value of any Rewards in any Member’s account based on Checkers internal records related to such Member’s account.  In the event that there is an inconsistency between the points or Rewards accrued in your account and what you believe you should have based on your purchase receipt(s), please contact us at to evaluate the situation. Checkers assumes no responsibility for errors caused by incorrect Member information.  All decisions by Checkers on reconciliation of account balances are final and binding.


5.3   Abuse by Member
Checkers may revoke any Member’s membership at any time if such Member engages in abuse of the Program or fails to follow these Terms.  Without limiting the foregoing, the sale of points or Rewards is prohibited and any attempt to sell points or Rewards may result in the confiscation or cancellation of your points and/or Rewards as well as suspension or termination of your membership, which in each case shall be final and conclusive.  Fraud or abuse relating to the accrual of points or claiming or redeeming Rewards may result in revocation of membership in the Program and may affect a Member’s eligibility for participation in any other Checkers programs.


5.4   Promotional Program Only
Points, Rewards, and Benefits are purely promotional offers, do not constitute property of any Member, are non-transferable, have no cash value, and cannot be redeemed for cash or gift cards.  No portion of any qualifying purchase constitutes consideration paid for any points, Reward, Benefit, or other promotional benefit.


For information regarding the Program, contact customer care.