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At Checkers & Rally’s we know that our guests want to Be Safe and See Safe!

In an effort to keep our team members and guests safe, Checkers & Rally’s continues to make enhancements to our operational procedures, focused on providing a safe, clean, inviting and contactless interaction for each of our guests.

The Be Safe, See Safe Audit

Our restaurant leaders are conducting a Be Safe, See Safe Audit every time they visit a restaurant. The Be Safe, See Safe audit is designed to focus the effort and attention of our team members on actions such as:

  • New contactless ordering and payment procedures
  • Social distancing guidelines for patios and walk-up windows
  • Ensuring face masks and gloves are always being worn
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures


Here are just a few things you will notice next time you visit a Checkers or Rally’s:

Contactless Payment
We have introduced the use of Payment Wands at our drive thru locations. This allows guests to complete their payment by simply inserting their credit card for payment from their vehicle. Guests who visit a walk-up window location will have a similar experience, allowing them to insert their credit card directly into the credit card reader.


Face Coverings and Gloves
You will see our team members wearing a disposable mask, neck gaiter or reusable mask each time you visit a Checkers or Rally’s. No outfit is complete without the use of disposable gloves, ensuring all food is handled in a safe manner.


Social Distancing
The next time you visit a patio location or order from a walk-up window you may notice that a patio table has been covered or that you are standing on a social distancing sidewalk sign. These steps have been taken to make sure you can enjoy all services and amenities safely and comfortably.


Frequent Cleaning and Sanitizing
Team members are completing adetailed cleaning checklist several times a day, with an enhanced focus on high traffic and high touch areas around the restaurant.


To learn more about the efforts we have made in response to Coronavirus, check out our Family Serving Family article.